Our Story 


Kathaa is the brainchild of the UK registered charity Nepal Youth Foundation UK that helps women and children in Nepal.  The charity was looking for more sustainable ways to create income for its programmes.  It saw a perfect opportunity in employing its beneficiaries to make beautiful Nepali products.  These could then be sold to the UK market online with 100% of all the profits going back to the charity.

Our first range of products are our beautifully designed down jackets and our vision is that Kathaa will expand into children’s jackets, other clothing ranges, jewellery and home décor.

Close up of the front and back of a Kathaa jacket label with information on the person who made the jacket

Who makes the Kathaa range?

The range is made by beneficiaries of a programme ran by Nepal Youth Foundation UK that has been in existence since 2000.  The programme began when the CEO of Nepal Youth Foundation learned about young girls being sold by extremely poor families to rich landowners in order to usually pay off a debt.  The girls (separated from their families) then had to cook, clean, care for the whole family and most of the girls were under ten years of age.  Many faced abhorrent abuse and extreme isolation.   Since learning about the (Kamalari) system Nepal Youth Foundation has freed over 12,869 girls and ensured that the practice was legally abolished by the Nepali Government in 2013. 

However, these young women now faced a new issue.  Many had missed out on an education and were lacking skills in order to find employment.  Nepal Youth Foundation has since provided these women key vocational skills training which included commercial tailoring.  These are now the inspirational women who make our range of jackets.  To understand more about their stories watch NYF’s film below.

Kathaa actually means ‘story’.  Every girl at Kathaa has an empowering story to tell and everything they make is an expression of that story.

We want you to be part of that story.

What is Nepal Youth Foundation?

Nepal Youth Foundation UK (NYF) is part of a global charity that supports the most vulnerable children in Nepal.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and the hardest hit are its children and youth.

NYF provides healthcare, education and a safe environment for them to grow up in. Perhaps even more importantly, it gives them hope and opportunity.

NYF have touched the lives of over 50,000 children and with an ever-growing number of initiatives, our main goals are to:

  • Increase access to and improve the quality of education
  • Improve children’s health throughout Nepal
  • Empower Nepali youth to achieve their full potential
  • Enable girls in Nepal to receive equal treatment and education

All programmes are run with integrity, transparency and high ethical standards. Everything NYF does is culturally attuned and wholeheartedly embraced by the communities they serve.

Since its foundation in 1992, NYF has been committed to securing the freedom and rights of all Nepalese children and are committed to their goal for as long as it takes.