Kathaa – a very happy family


If you met our girls, you wouldn’t believe they’d had to endure such suffering and hardship from an early age. Their positivity and resilience is an inspiration.

Kathaa isn’t just a fashion label. For everyone who works here it means freedom, independence and hope for the future.

And with so much joy and laughter, Kathaa is more a family than a workplace.


Meet Kathaa’s fashion team

Nepalese former child slave Kanchi

I am very thankful to Nepal Youth Foundation for this opportunity to become independent

A domestic slave from the age of 9, Kanchi Tharu was forced to do household chores, babysitting and to rear cattle until she was 14 years old. Now working at Kathaa, Kanchi is earning enough to support her family and save for the future.

I love my job. Now I am self-sufficient and can look after my family

From the age of 9, Priya Dagura spent 6 years as a domestic slave in Kathmandu. She worked up to 16 hours a day and wasn’t allowed to go to school. Thanks to Nepal Youth Foundation’s tailoring programme she is now employed and feels positive about her future.

Former child slave

I am so happy to be independent and to support my 4 younger siblings through school

Sangita was 12 when she was forced to work, first as a domestic slave and then as a labourer. She was desperate for a different life. After being rescued she received training in commercial tailoring from Nepal Youth Foundation and now loves working at Kathaa.

Thanks to Kathaa, I’m happy and now helping support my family

At 14 years old Neera was forced into domestic slavery to help feed her family. For 2 years she did all the household chores and even had to rear cattle for her master. She felt incredibly lonely. Training provided by Nepal Youth Foundation has turned her life around.

Nepalese former child slave
Former child slave

I’m free, financially independent and very happy

From the age of 12, Ishwori worked as a domestic slave, cleaning and looking after her master’s children. Her master promised he would let her go to school but he never fulfilled that promise. After being rescued, Nepal Youth Foundation sponsored her schooling and training in commercial tailoring.